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    These can be found on the Astra Coupe (2001) model. All intercoolers are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drops. This would involve lower compression pistons. Vauxhall Astra VXR (H) 2004-2009. The racing version used on the track had 380 bhp (283 kW; 385 PS), accelerated to 100 km/h (62 mph) in about 5 seconds, and could reach nearly 300 km/h (186 mph). Max Power: 187 bhp, 190 PS (88kW) at 7500rpm Max Torque: 139lb ft (189Nm) at 5600rpm Transmission: (close ratio) As 111s Body: As 111s, no rear wing, light weight clams optional. As used in our Stage 4 Tuning packages for Astra G, Zafira A and VX220 Turbo. Car is running nice. . The car had a three-litre straight-6 producing 230 bhp (172 kW; 233 PS). I have mapped vxr 300 bhp . 0 gasoline-engines (Z20LET) If you are not sure if this air flow meter is suitable for your car, please contact us by e-mail and send the chassis number of your car. ft) at 1950 rpm. 0 Coupe Uprated HYBRID Turbo CHRA Core Power outputs are the same as the OE Turbocharger, but this unit remains ultra reliable units are built to order and carry a lead time of 48 hours maximum for dispatch FR&R Tuning Stage 2 Peformance Upgrade - 330-350 BHP Brand new Stage 2 (MD496) Vauxhall VXR Z20LET Hybrid KKK Borg Warner Turbochargers – Part No 5304-970-0049 Recommended maximum boost level is 22-24 P. Note: all parts being reused MUST be in a good working condition. Top Speed. US $9. 3 GT5 3. This engine produces a maximum power of 190 PS (187 bhp - 140 kW) at 5400 rpm and  28 Feb 2019 Astra G Z20LET Gen2 GTX2860R IWG 410HP 400Lbft, with full boost as Limited by an 80mm MAF literally hovering at its max, with a 90mm Only peak boost of 1. outer springs 16 pcs. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Blue Breather Pipe Kit Hose for Audi S3 A3 TT Leon Cupra R BAM 210 225 BHP 1. Good morning, early birds. ENGINE CODE: Z20LEH. 99 £ | ASTRA / ZAFIRA Z20LEH / Z20LET 2x OIL COOLER EXCHANGE UNIT| https://www. Vauxhall's Redtop c20let or z20let can take fairly big BHP iirc. thanks for taking the time to write this, normally i dont comment but that had real good structure. Engine: 2. Max Torque. 6 turbo VXR to shame. 4 l/100km (25 MPG);Dimensions: Length:432. Jun 30, 2004 · The MT01 is a mechanical profile design for a seriously modified LET engine with a large enough Turbo / Intercooler and suitable mangement system would capable of producing over 400 BHP Inlet CM16V2-MT01IN 2. 0 Turbo and Zafira B 2. Recommended maximum boost level: 22-24 PSI Vauxhall Astra and VXR 220 Coupe 2 litre, engine code Z20LET, year 2005 onwards, OEM number  6 Jan 2013 I am currently running a Z20LET engine on an Opel Speedster, the it is impossible to have max torque at less than 4000revs, usual power  This will make more power at the same boost level. 0 EcoBlue AWD Titanium Automatic EU 5 door hatchback FA 8A 1995 cm 3 /121. 0. Go. ) to a bare minimum. 8:1 compression, 200 PS; 197 hp (147 kW) and 195 lb⋅ft (264 N⋅m) of torque. all the highschool kids here have stage 3 all over their hondas and i was wondering where they get the $ for such parts. 5 kilometres wide, more than five kilometres long and is scheduled to eventually reach a depth of 0. Vastly improves Airflow and Throttle Response. for-sale. Power Gains to 340-350 bhp Torque 380-395 lb ft *Stage 3 Option of a 3” cat back system for better flow This engine produces a maximum power of 200 PS (197 bhp - 147 kW) at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 250 Nm (184 lb. However, the turbo version was launched in the 1986, 3 door Sierra with 204bhp. 2019 Ford S-Max 2. 8T. 0 cm (68. Video of my car running the file is on YouTube focus st stage 1 remap service and pop and bang exhaust remap modification make your car pop and bang on rev as it should. He has been 100% committed to what I needed. Owned it for some time now, well over a year and im wanting more power then my 233. Cars. The Z20LET/Z20LEL and Z20LER engines require stronger pistons when exceeding 310-320 bhp so a full engine rebuild is required using forged pistons and steel rods. This unit begins life as a GENUINE OE Astra VXR Turbocharger which comes direct from the OE Manufacturer. 820vt auq 180 bhp model Crome topped looks really nice could. 3796 mm. The car accelerated from 0–100 km/h in 7. 164 miles per hour (264 km/h) Length. The Z20LET is a turbocharged version of the X20XEV for the Opel Astra G and features an 8. ristorantelampone. I decided it was  18 Dec 2011 At what power or boost levels can the sr20 370cc injectors take and hold upto? Can i peak 1. These max out around 240bhp so are normally sufficient at a normal stage 2 setup. 00 For Astra GSI SRI VXR Z20LET Z20LEH Engine Silicone Ningbo MAX Auto Download File PDF Zafira 18 Enginerunning bad fix bodgit and leggit garage by bodgit and leggit garage 5 years ago 2 minutes, 11 seconds 15,095 views bodgit and leggit garage tips C20xe turbo - cc. 0931p and it went ex 6 months ago and it was paid 5 months ago. (Turbo+waste side) Now its way more quitely and smoother. Few days ago find the turbo on the middle was only with 2 /4 bolts:O it was very hard to get it back with 3 bolts. 19 Feb 2012 i just bought myself a standard astra coupe turbo what the first mods i should do MIG Performance Vauxhalls is a large on-line Vauxhall community for Thread: whats Max. 5" Milltek due to it being larger and apparently more durable. Torque, 250 Nm, 184 ft- lb. 5 seconds and had a top speed of 249 km/h (155 mph). lift - up to 13mm Made from chrome-silicone steel SAE9254-V 16 pcs. 5 bhp 140 kW 153. 0ℓ, l: 4796mm, wb: 2849mm BHP's operations in Newman date back to 1968, when the Mount Whaleback mine was opened, the biggest single-pit Open-pit iron ore mine in the world, developed originally by United States company Bechtel Pacific. Also suitable for Astra H 2. But a very good setup may the larger injectors from the K04 cars found below which are a direct fit. The turbo in question is a Vauxhall as The Z20LET is a turbocharged version of the X20XEV for the Opel Astra G and features a 8. 2 bar on t28 with them? Turbo Specs:Power 190 PS (187 hp); Petrol;Average consumption:8. It has enough torque to quickly accelerate moderate loads while still having enough BHP at high RPMs to provide high speed driving. 0 turbo gasoline-engines (Z20LET) Zafira A OPC 2. now i wonder where theyre VAUXHALL Astra Zafira GSI VXR Z20LET TURBO TURBINE HOUSING MANIFOLD & GASKETS Vauxhall Astra Zafira VXR K06 GTX Billet Hybrid Stage 3 Z20LEH Turbo 360 BHP. A friend of mine tuned a C20let to 517hp, it was very expensive to take this engine to that power output. 0 Z20LET Application: Vauxhall Astra, Vectra & Zafira GSi, VX220 & VXR Hybrid Turbo conversion for standard BorgWarner (KKK)turbocharger part number 5304-970-0049 Estimated Power Output: 300-320 bhp* Suitable for tuning upgrades to Z20LET/Z20LEL/Z20LER turbo engines where a higher flow injector is required for above 270 bhp up to 320 bhp. These are generic codes which may not apply to all vehicles and we recommend you confirm that they do apply to your vehicle before taking action. Max Power Memories . Buy GOWE turbocharger for K04 53049880024 53049700024 849147 90423508 turbo turbocharger for Opel Astra G/Zafira A 2. As with most OEM engines you reach a limit of how much power the internals of the engine can take. 0 gasoline-engines (Z20LET) Speedster 2. They require a lot of work. 8 20v F*ord C-MAX 2. S. The engine speed multiplied by the torque gives the brake horsepower (BHP). Make. Saw a Turbo'd Corsa C 2. This seems a massive increase (103 BHP) for that kind of money and puts the soon to be released 1. 0 16V C20XE C20LET Z20LET ARP flywheel bolt kit 209-2801 ARP is a   Looks like “Z20LET TURBO MANIFOLD FOR SPARES” has already been sold. 0 Turbo Specs:Power 200 PS (197 hp); Petrol;Average consumption:9. uk This listing is for a BRAND NEW Stage 3 K06 Hybrid Turbo to fit the 2. 8:1 compression, 147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp) and 195 lb·ft (264 N·m) of torque. This is the total power. 4 GT6 4 Pictures 5 Notes Twelve colors are available for this car: LeMans-Grün Petrol Colmarblau Chagalleblau Europablau Switch Moonlandgrau Silber Saphirschwarz Calypsorot Mandarin Z20leh for sale Z20leh Crankshaft Z20LET Z20LEL Astra VXR OPC: 1. This method involves driving the car through different speeds and measuring braking power. Although the engine does all the work, it is the gears that would determine whether your vehicle is aimed towards providing a lot of torque or a lot of BHP. 0 OPC Z20LET 192HP: Turbochargers - Amazon. Feb 16, 2021 · SYDNEY, AAP – Australia’s share market has closed above 6900 points for the first time since February last year, after BHP delighted investors with its interim dividend. But if i was to have the full system with 2 I would just like to add, the 2. ecu chip tuning files remap files I was looking at doing a full engine rebuild as I am at the power limit as the what the rods can take (250 bhp). it C20xe turbo 28 Feb 2012 Z20Let Max Power? - posted in Tuning & Modifications: Hi, Just wondering how much power the standard z20let engine can take before you  6 Jan 2010 hey wats the max bhp u can take standard z20 lets to cheers sean. 0 TDCi,2004-,Engine:DW10BTED,. for sale audi q7 engine bug 3. 8secs; Maximum speed&nbs Wössner high performance forged pistons develop the superior power for convincing success of famous teams at national or international racing events. 0 in this months Max Power the owner reckoned it was putting out 237BHP and 0 to 60 in 5. 0 CO 2 1984 kg 4 cyl, 2. Re: WARNING dont go over 500 whp with z20let pistons put a fooking huge turbo on a car that every body says "that wont work " the astra and the tigra are both on gt4202 turbos the 8v tigra is 600 bhp on the same turbo hopefully we will prove it works tomorrow ok fair enough it would be over nice to drive on the road dont see any boost till very late rpm but when it comes in it an animal we had An incredibly famous engine, the Cosworth YB Turbo actually began life in 1984 as a N/A Cosworth YAA concept. All my fuelling problems have been corrected & power delivery is smooth with absolutely minimal knock. Vauxhall Zafira VXR 2005-2010. The Opel Speedster Turbo '00 is a road car produced by Opel. This pulley will allow you to time your camshafts to deliver maximum power where  We have tested this product and found increases of between 12-15 BHP on test vehicles. 10. A frame roll-bar and driver seat harness, Optional passenger seat harness, Quick removal Momo steering wheel, Lightweight perspex rear window, Battery isolator Performance clutch & Competition clutch made by SACHS Germany. 8 VVT - MP62 SC - 8psi - 242. Notable Distinctions Between HP and BHP. Astra and Zafira Turbo Tuning Packages . HP is the output horsepower rating of an engine, while BHP is the input brake horsepower of an engine. There are typically 2 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 1. 3. The bore of the throttle body is then enlarged from 57mm to 62mm, and the spindle is re-profiled. 5 kilometres. 1. 0i 16v turbo 240 bhp vauxhalls hottest hatch ever with 0-60 in 6. Euro Emissions Standard, 4. 380 bhp, 367lbs of torque & a sound tune with a little to spare from my rb25. 3 bar of boost. 2 DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) List. 14 Jun 2011 Project Bertony - Astra G Coupe Z20LET engine build to 500+HPWiseco pistons, K1 rods, IRX450 turbo, NOS,Visit www. Any 20 vauxhall astra Vxr van z20leh z20let z20lel vauxhall astrta vxr 2. I have a Mk4 Astra GSi. 04 £ | Z20leh Con Rods: 0. 2 GTPSP 3. 5 1. g. Engine Engineering offers the best quality reconditioned engines for sale with a guaranteed 12 months unlimited mileage warranty. 16mm Lift with 0. 7 cuin 190 PS 187. Vauxhall Astra Zafira VXR K06 GTX Billet Hybrid Stage 3 Z20LEH Turbo 360 BHP. so it was a logical choice to do on the Z20LET Astra G OPC 2. 0 cm (170. In the case of the Vauxhall Z20LET engine, this safe limit is widely accepted to be around the 300 BHP and 340 lb/ft of torque mark, though some people do successfully push their engines to 330 BHP and 360 ft/lb. We would be glad to advice you! Explore remanufactured Vauxhall Turbochargers online, designed specifically for your vehicle by Vauxhall's chosen turbocharger manufacturer. The mine is 1. A quick Video of why you are having Turbo boost problems. engine mount frame for a vw air cooled aircraft engine this was on a engine i bought that iam converting back into a vw engine. List of standard DTC codes used by vehicle manufacturers to identify problems. The engine gained 7 hp ( max power) and there were torque gains all across the rev  I have a Mk4 Astra GSi. Miles Per Tank, 354 . 5 inches C20xe turbo. Our Full Spec C20XE Engine (300+bhp 200+lbft) Omega Slipper Pistons Sainz Long Rods Steel Crankshaft Custom Rally Cams SBD Throttle Bodies Simpson Exhaust Dry sump Kit DTA S60 ecu Steel flywheel Race Alternator/Starter Contact for more info Price €17500 ex vat Dec 04, 2020 · We can see how an engine performs for minutes on end at max RPM and full-throttle. Vauxhall Astra Z20LET 2. 00 including full fitting kit and instructions. I have always wondered and i have never gotten a straight answer from anybody, or actually seen any set definition for staged performance parts. See More triangle e boost and early on in the day we hit 406 lbst ft of torque & 404 Bhp at 6000 rpm but ran out of fuel pressure with Hi peeps, Had my Z20LET Gsi a couple of weeks now and looking at getting a stage 2 courtenay tune at £495 Been to courtenays and they reccomend their 3" Piper full system over a 2. 0 bar at peak, so I suspect max possible power would be in the 600 BHP range. focus st stage 1 remap service and pop and bang exhaust remap modification car needs de cat make your car pop and bang on rev as it should. that snapped one looks like its behind the turbo so prob cant get a drill on it to remove it you can do the head your self as long as you take ur time if your not 100% sure buy a haynes manual they alweays help. ?615. BHP is the measurement of an engine’s power without any power losses, while HP is BHP less the power losses. Ok so quick background if you dont know of me. We can offer everything from parts supply, to a full engine rebuild. 7 twin turbo diesel engine only selling the engine but rest of car does come with engine. co. 2 lbft torque increase. 0 Turbo Non VXR models. 423 PP. Fit the Z20LET inlet, has proven gains of roughly 8bhp over the standard unit & is a direct replacement. If your Turbo does not hold boost these will be the reasons. Max Power. The decat is mendrel-bent for better gas flow and maximum internal size  Tuned by Spiess, an F3 grade C20XE is easily capable of producing 250 bhp ( 190 Z20LET | Z20LEH | Z20LER | Z20LEL - Vauxhall VX220, Astra & Vectra VXR Central trapezoidal exhaust; 0-62 mph (100 km/h) 6. Max Power 350bhp+* Z20LET and Z20LER engines fitted in the VXR and GSi Astras OPC 2. Let's Connect. CO2 Emissions, 214 g/km. This item is a used ldv convoy 2. 1 Mar 2017 According to Courtenay sports website the limits of the 2 engines are not as fart apart as you may think, the LET should be safe at around 300-310  In case you didn't know the Z20LET VX220 Turbo engine did not have oil 3. 3ft-lb. May 04, 2009 · its not a bad job to remove the head tbh. 5 MK4 GSI | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car Parts, Exhausts & Exhaust Parts | eBay! Jan 12, 2017 · 'mad max' 16v manta of Aftermarket Parts with most thing's having been done to them Before people Moved on to The C20LET & Z20LET running about 300 bhp, that These cars most commonly use the Bosch 315cc injector. 197 BHP. Other  Recommended for cars running Stage 3/4; For cars running up to 350 bhp end tanks, which in turn has increased power, torque & also lowered ACT Temps. 1 x Enhanced CHRA. 0 16V Z20LET Z20LEH engines. All Engine Engineering engines are fully reconditioned and checked in detail by our highly skilled, experienced engineers. Performance Points. I'm after about 340-350 bhp which will put me over 400bhp/tonne. ebay. 0L XE 16V Turbo inlet cam – Mechanical with 288 degrees Duration timed @ 110 Degrees. 9-litre diesel engine that makes about 150 bhp and develops 350 Nm of peak torque along with a more powerful 3-litre diesel engine that makes 177 bhp and 380 Nm of peak torque. Its changed the way I look at car tuning & definitely raised my standards. 0-60 mph, 7 secs. 0l Turbo Vauxhall Engines (Z20LEH, Z20LET, Z20LEL) which has been upgraded from a Standard Genuine OE Brand New Turbocharger. 08 inches); Width:174. Feb 17, 2021 · If you want to measure how much BHP in relation to the torque your car generates, you need to use a dynamometer. , communications through social media platforms), collectively “marketing communications”. EUR Oct 20, 2013 · Really doubting 500 bhp tbh. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Buy GOWE turbocharger for CHRA for K04 53049880049 53049700049 860283 5860018 turbo turbocharger for Opel Zafira B/Astra H 2. Top Speed, 150 mph. BHP is preparing to destroy between 40 and 86 historic Aboriginal sites, and the OECD forecasts that Australia will effectively lead the The closed system allows the scavenge pump to reduce crankcase pressures to a minimum, in some cases as low as zero or even a slight vacuum. Adjustable Cam pulley for the Intake Camshaft of the Vauxhall Z20 engine. The next BHP Group Plc dividend will go ex in 14 days for 101c and will be paid in 1 month. Top speed: 155Mph: 0–62: 6. 13 Dec 2020 192 PS (141 kW / 189 bhp) at 5400 rpm (Max RPM 6400 rpm) from 1950 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 192 PS available at 5400 rpm  so how much we talking to get 500 bph and whats max bph out of a there is no limit to bhp there is a 800bhp turbo calibr on the net and that  19 Jun 2011 Dont think the standard turbo can quite produce 280 bhp, think it runs out No maximum recorded on standard was 267bhp without forged  Power, 197 bhp. http://www. Now Gains of 37. Check out From a seat Leon 1. 1 GT4 3. C20let engine loom and ecu . With this set the risk of valve flutter and a possible engine failure is minimized. 0ltr 16v inlet is very restrictive. 00s: Engine capacity: 1,998cc: Fuel type: Petrol: Transmission: Manual: Engine Power - BHP: 280bhp: Engine Power - KW: 206kW: Engine z20let max bhp The Astra G/Mark 4 Turbo - Hatchback, Coupe and Cabriolet. It has a capacity of 1998 cc (2. Fully stripped down and inspected, then vapour blasted to bring it back to an 'as new' condition. The power is transmitted to the road by the rear wheel drive (RWD) with a 5 speed Manual gearbox. Max. 9 l/100km ( 26 Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code Z20LET. Power and torque graphs. 5 bar holding nicely dropping to 1. fitted to many vehicles g9u engine was refitted to engine after being pressure tested & skimmed, shortly MTC MOTORSPORT ASTRA VXR MK5 Z20LET DECAT DOWNPIPE EXHAUST STAINLESS 2. The previous BHP Group Plc dividend was 29. Technical Partner of VW, BMW and Porsche Motorsport, Clutch Supplier for WRC, F1 and more. 182 ft-lb. 27 Feb 2019 HYBRID TURBO ASTRA VXR Zafira - Stage 3 350+ bhp Z20LET Recommended maximum boost level: 22-24 PSI • Estimated Power Output:  0 seconds, a maximum top speed of 137 mph (220 km/h), a curb weight of 2414 in total maximum power output: 152 PS (150 Engines. 2001 Mk2. runs 290 on low boost and with boost turned up in the car runs a max of 490bhp. Sign up to receive exclusive communications about offerings, events and news, surveys, special offers, and related topics via telephone, email, and other forms of electronic communication (e. I decided it was finally time to build the engine id always Jun 09, 2011 · He clearly loves his work. bear engine diagnostic, engine analyser, engine tuner, engine fault Max. In such situations a small bhp gain is achieved by eliminating combustion chamber contamination and reducing any residual oil drag (clinging to crank, rods, etc. I am, however, thinking about putting the b207r engine in instead, depending on what forces the internals can cope with. Any 132 - Sports exhaust - Sports clutch & flywheel - Racing gearbox - Stage 2 remap - 300 bhp - 4 hardly worn tyres (2 tyres changed 2 months ago offer a 230 BHP turbo conversion kit for £3900. I recently picked up a 50k miles stage 3 courtney astra vxr running around  What is it you do that everyone else try's to do, but no one manages to do, to get such massive power? It did manage to reach its max boost faster and easier. 41mm Clearance Exhaust C20let engine loom and ecu . 9bhp and around 200lb/ft (can't quite tell from the graph). 3 bar by peak power. All Vauxhall Turbochargers come with a 2 year warranty and are sold on an exchange basis. 27 December 2015, 03:23 AM. 3+ bhp peak & 54. Powertrain wise, the Thai-spec Isuzu D-Max is powered by a 1. Vauxhall Z20LET Astra Corsa Zafira GSI Map File Re . projectbertony. This was simply by swapping from stage2 to stage3, Please note if you were fitting stage 3 on a 400+bhp car you would not see gains like above, this intercooler was designed for Genuine 500+bhp cars, it will improve a 400+bhp car but not to the level of the car on test. 2. I. what is the max bhp a z18xe kan take till it blows? whit out forged pistons or steel rods, since i was going to turbo mine, but i already got 170 bhp and adding a turbo would add some more i guess :\\ turbo s gonna be a reflanged turbo z20let, yes a z20let! :lol: 400 bhp z20let driving + 0-402m My Z20LET Rebuild. com  Whats max bhp anyone running on stock internal. GM Z20LET. No the Saab lump is TOTALLY different to the Z20LET lump. Apr 10, 2009 · to do a c20xe turbo conversion you will need the tophat from a LET, also use the c20let engine loom and ECU as there is a few more sensors on the turbo, you need the tophat as there are 2 sensors on it that aint on the c20xe. 0bhp/305. 0 Turbo OPC Z20LEH 240HP: Turbochargers - Amazon. Feb 28, 2012 · Hi, Standard Z20LET with a GT2871RS should make 320 bhp, BUT all things considered 280-285 bhp would be the limit, the restrictions are a standard piston heavy and outdated in comparison to the squeeze cast and much lighter skirted design of the Z20LEH - there is no cooling of the valve stems on inlet and there is no oil spray bar for cooling the underside of the pistons. Enlarged & modified Throttle Body for Z20LET/LEH engines. 0 Z20LET Application: Vauxhall Astra, Vectra & Zafira GSi, VX220 & VXR Hybrid Turbo conversion for standard BorgWarner (KKK)turbocharger part number 5304-970-0049 Estimated Power Output: 300-320 bhp* With these installed the car is remapped on our dyno optimising our Exclusive Courtenay Sport software to take full advantage to achieve maximum gains from these components. A street car is the perfect marriage between torque and BHP. I know of two people who run this turbo, and with a well setup system that 'breathes well' the Z20LET is capable of a power output of around 480 BHP at 7500 revs on approx 1. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. For sale jaguar stype 2. 0 seconds - fine looking Hi. 5 Jan 2012 what is the max bhp a z18xe kan take till it blows? whit out forged pistons or steel rods, since i was going to turbo mine, but i already got 170  7 Apr 2016 400 bhp z20let driving + 0-402m. inner springs 16 pcs. 1 Colors 2 Description 3 Acquisition 3. From 2005, the Z20LET engine was revised for the Astra H and Zafira B, to three different model designations, Z20LEL, Z20LER and Z20LEH. Eds intake So i have ocd. 4 diesel engine, engine code zsd / d2fa, this engine is a bare engine, but does come with injectors and pump. 400+bhp expected! Update pg3 Easy people. you are bidding on a front aluminium engine plate for the six cylinder triumph engine( not suitable for saloon engine). Used, Vauxhall Z20LEH/ Z20LET Astra Vxr Engine Reb . uk/itm/astra-gsirbo-corsa-bhp-fast-AWSOME-500HP-/ 261295633765 low boost and with boost turned up in the car runs a max of 490bhp. The S&P/ASX200 Jun 11, 2020 · BHP to pull a Rio Tinto. titanium retainers Fits Opel / Vauxhall 4 cylinder 2.